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Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies

To serve our customers better our website always makes limited use of the cookies. We never store any of the personal information entered by our users such as the credit card information in the cookies. These cookies only contain the session id number of the users logging in to the site and similar other basic information regarding the user’s visit to the site such as the country chosen by the user etc.

Istanbul Chauffeur makes use of the cookies only to gather the anonymous user’s data and hence delivers accurate content to the visitors of our site. The data collected by us is not shared with the third-parties under any circumstances. We make use of the cookies to advertise our website on the third party websites. If you do not wish to have a third party cookie enabled for our website, you can opt out of the use of cookies in the third party sites by changing the settings and preferences.


Safe and secure transactions

The payment transactions made through our website are always safe and secure as those confidential data like the credit card information go through our secure server and hence the transactions are protected. The users can see a tiny padlock icon on the lower right corner of the browser window to ensure that their browser makes use of the secure server. When the icon appears in the ‘locked’ position, it means that the transaction that had occurred is a secured one. It must be noticed that the security features of the website are only turned on for those pages where the user’s request can be viewed and submitted or by providing their credit card number to confirm their quote.


Subscription of our email newsletters

The users can subscribe to our email newsletters. We generally send a confirmation letter through email to our users when they submit their email address to us. No more mails will be sent by us if you haven’t responded to this message. Also the users who don’t wish to receive our email newsletters can unsubscribe from the service by clicking on the unsubscribe button.


The email address and personal information of users

Istanbul chauffeur makes responsible use of the user’s information that we collect on this website. Based on the type of service that the users request from us, we collect their details like name, date of birth, city of birth, e-mail address, resident address, contact number, gender, driving license number, the class of driving license, in which country the driving license is issued, their passport type and number, issuing passport country, etc. All these personal details of our users are used solely for the purpose of contacting them regarding any bookings or requests that they have made with us, as a part of the booking procedure. The email newsletter will be sent only to those users who opt to receive them through their mails.


Our Affiliates

Users who have communicated with our affiliates regarding our services and the booking process are informed that all the services are provided only by our company and that the users must agree with the terms and conditions of the website and are aware of the privacy policy and also must recognize that all the personal details that they have provided to the affiliates are used by us with regard to the points specified in this Privacy Policy.


Actions that are prohibited

The users are prohibited from usage of any software or device either directly or indirectly that which interferes with the normal functioning of our website thereby causing trouble to our system. The users’ access to our site is always monitored for data scrapers or hackers and such users who are engaged in these illegal actions will be blocked from accessing the site.



Istanbul Chauffeur loves to receive the feedback of the customers. The reason for the same is that it helps us in providing the apt and amazing services to the customer. We love to implement your valuable suggestions which would help not only you but to others and to us also.
This is an amazing way of knowing each other and understanding the various needs of the people from different background. We always look ahead to follow the latest things in the market and that makes it easy for us in wooing the people with the apt services of Istanbul Chauffeur.
We always encourage our users to fill the feedback form as it is made to serve you in a much better way in your next visit.

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