Istanbul With Luxury

Istanbul is an extremely large city replete with history. As such, the only way to go about the place is in a car. With respect to that, what better options can there be than your very own chauffeur driven one, free to take you wherever you wish to go? Istanbul Chauffeur is a company driven towards making your stay at Istanbul as enjoyable as possible. Our drivers are trained especially to make sure that all your wishes are met while you bask comfortably in the heart of luxury.

Hagia Sophia, a Jewel Among Jewels

Now let us get on with the city. Being the second largest city in the world in terms of population, Istanbul boasts a feast for the culturally oriented with its several attractions, which truthfully, are not covered by most of the professional travel agencies due to the time constraint. Rest assured, we are dedicated to help you absorb as much of the history as possible. Let us start with Hagia Sophia (or Aya Sofya in Turkish). This marvel of architectural wonder is a unique blend of Islam and Christian architecture and has to be experienced firsthand in order to be truly understood. While outside, notice the grand scale of the structure. Studies have now revealed that the structure has receded into the ground a lot, and there is about as much inside as outside. Do not forget to gaze upwards once you are in it- you will find the gold ceilings to be a sight to behold.

Go underground and Then Graze the Heavens

Next in the list of the must visit monuments in the city is the Basilica Cistern. It is also known as the Sunken Palace and for good measure. It used to house a complex channel for holding drinking water in the ancient times. While there, marvel in the columns supporting the roof- proof that the Byzantine builders saw Pagan and Roman relics as more than just supporting structures. Next, just hop to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), opposite this marvel. Do not be surprised if you think you have seen similar structures somewhere. After all, the palace minarets of Cinderella at Disney World have been inspired from them. Although not really that blue in color, the blue tiles in the structure have lent it the name. The majestic spirals of the structure along with that of the Aya Sofya seem to hold up the beautiful evening sky.

The Marketing Heaven

We now come to the Spice Bazaar (or market). Even if you are not someone who likes spicy food, we at Istanbul Chauffeur would still definitely recommend you to visit this. Take our word for it, you will not be disappointed. It is a market building on for centuries. While there, look for specialty shops. Istanbul trade market is built on shops which offer thoroughly specialized goods in almost anything you can imagine. One word of caution though- always follow the locals in terms of buying. After all, they know exactly where the best goods are. Do not be surprised if you fall in love with the market after visiting it for the first time; it is quite literally, a place where the passage of time has been halted. Take your time. Our staff have been trained to take care of your sightseeing needs, so you do not have to worry about it. After all, if you do not leave the place with a slice of the exotic flavor, you have hardly seen anything at all.

Everything Else

Coming up next is the Rustam Pasha Mosque, named after its builder. After the Blue Mosque, this would seem like a jewel tucked away in the heart of the city. Do not be surprised if you notice the grand place only when you are a few feet away from it. The blue tiles covering the exterior and the interior of the mosque are a beauty to behold and even if you are not a big fan of Ottoman architecture, we assure you that the peace you would feel compared to the hustle of the bazaar outside would provide such a stark contrast that you are bound to fall instantly in love with the place. Wish you were born a Sultan after all this? Although we can not fulfill that wish, we can help you realize a slice of it. The Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam (or bath house) boasts a 16th century etiquette flush with acres of marble, the beautiful sound of flowing water and a massage fit for royalties to ease off all your stress from the sightseeing all day.

Would you rather be visiting the museums to relive the days gone past? Not to fret, Istanbul has historical wonders worthy of an explorer’s find including the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum to the palace of Ibrahim Pasha, which has since been converted into an exquisite museum. You can soak in the finds there while sipping on coffee after the tour- one of the best available in the city. At Istanbul, no matter where you go, you will undoubtedly come across the Galata Bridge. This is a bridge that literally connects 2 continents (Europe and Asia) and a walk across the bridge at sunset offers a spectacular view of the Galata Tower worth every penny. Talking about the Galata Tower, do not forget to visit this magnificent example of pre republican architecture that used to hold the foreign population in the city at one point of time. Built in 1348, this majestic piece of towering spiral offers one of the best bird’s eye views all around from atop its balconies.