Karakoy Seaport- A slice of History

Coming up to the Karakoy seaport from the sea, you are greeted with a site which the seafarers to Istanbul have been seeing for centuries past. Indeed, this ancient port for trading has been active since days long past and offers one of the best views of the overall city from any angle. Undoubtedly, the very first thing you notice here is the Galata Tower. In the old days, this used to house the foreign citizens of the city and you heart suddenly wishes that you were able to live up there. Even though that wish cannot be fulfilled, at Istanbul Chauffeur, we try our best to offer you the next best thing fit for royalties- your own personalized luxury transportation. If it be your wish we can also help you find that perfect place to stay as well, so that you find exactly what you want after you have looked at what there is on offer.

Karakoy District- The Central Hub

The very first thing you notice after stepping off your ship onto the port is the hustle of the place. That is quite common considering the fact that the place has been the residence of people from the time when Ottomans used to rule the city. Ancient families of Jews, Greeks and Armenians still live there and considering the fact that it is still one of the major functioning trade ports of the continents, you soon begin to understand that the bustle is there to stay.

Getting Lost

You have not been to Istanbul if you have not been lost in the back alleys of this place at least once. From the eateries there to the tram routes to the intersecting roads, everything here seems to have been transported from times long forgotten. While being there, do try out the local sweet shops. You might be delightfully surprised to find some real delicacies that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

On With the Tour

After you have comfortably settled down, it is up to us to help you rediscover the places where you got lost, albeit this time, with the help of someone who knows the ins and outs of each and every lane in the area. But that is merely the beginning of the tour. Once you are with us, rest assured, we make sure that you have an unforgettable trip. From Hagia Sophia the Chora Church, from the Spice Bazaar to the by lanes of Old Istanbul, it is our duty to make sure you get to know an Istanbul to which you can relate on a personal level.

Turkish hospitality is renowned the world over and unless we can prove that, we make sure you do not go back. At the end, the smile on the face of a tourist is what matters to us because we are at Istanbul Chauffeur care.

- The room keys will be distributed to the guests from the desk upon their arrival to the hotel.
- We keep a track record of the rooming-list of the guests with eventual changes.
- Details about the city and general information regarding the sightseeing tours and description about the theme parties are provided by the desk.
- We also handle other personal demands of the guests like shopping, sightseeing, and etc.
- The details about the services offered by the hotel will all be provided to the benefit of the guests.

It is up to the discretion of the clients regarding the presence of a desk representative provided by the organizing company. Our professional staff members of the hospitality desk will always make sure that a good communication is maintained between the travel executives and the guests and avoid issues in any case.