Road Shows

The best way to promote the goods and services of your company is to organize a road show as it would take your business to a higher step. Istanbul Chauffeurs assist you in organizing such wonderful road shows with our top notch luxurious vehicles and limousines that make you travel in style and turn heads in the crowd. Our services guarantee utmost comfort and safety that even comes with attractive price tags competing with any other services found within the city. Our service always enables you to be on time and that you never miss a meeting or event related to your business.

Istanbul Chauffeurs make all the necessary arrangements for all your stops in the city and hence save you from the burden of arranging the transportation every time between the meetings and road shows for your business groups. We provide the best world class services and assign the most experienced chauffeurs for your business groups for the road show services. Not only that, we also provide our clients the benefits like Internet connection service within the car they travel so that they can stay updated with the necessary information needed for their business and other related activities.

Istanbul Chauffeurs are a reputed company that has been organizing and managing events like corporate road shows for a number of major corporate clients and institutions since many years. We assist our clients who stage road shows for their business by meticulously planning the itineraries and hence minimize their efforts thereby enabling them to fully make use of the available time concentrating on their business related events. We ensure that our unmatched service reflects well upon execution of the services and events. Istanbul Chauffeurs often assign only the hand-picked chauffeurs that are most experienced for traveling to your corporate road shows to promote your business or brand.

Our organization and all of its staff members always ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the faultless services that we offer. We organize the corporate road shows by properly planning the following:

- Itinerary management
- Journey planning
- Logistical support
- Named chauffeurs
- GPS navigation
- Integrated flight tracking

We are a leading company that has proved our services in today’s fast-paced world of corporate and financial road shows and related events. Istanbul Chauffeurs is well known for the seamless and speedy execution of services and the most intricate itineraries among the other such corporate service providers within the industry. We have a dedicated road show desk and specially trained road show chauffeurs that offers round the clock services and hence we offer an extensive support and the best expert services which is very crucial for the success of your road shows or any other corporate event. Our clients are often well informed about the trip information in detail and also about the chauffeur’s name, his cell phone number as we provide them with the required information prior to the commencement of the business travel or a day before the start of the event.

Istanbul Chauffeur’s road show specialists as well as the chauffeurs are well trained particularly to properly respond to any of the queries and details demanded by our clients and are knowledgeable about the full day schedules of the road show event.

We also have equipped all of our transport fleet with the state of the art technology such as Integrated FAA real time flight tracking, satellite GPS tracking, Nextel two-way cellular communication for the benefit of our clients and the main aim of our professionals is always to meet the client’s demands and keep up the proper schedule plan.