Prince’s Island Tours

Itinerary of The Tour

A cruise trip to the Prince’s Island that is situated in Istanbul’s Marmara Sea is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time during hot summer.

You can take a boat or yacht charter according to your comfort and it will be a 1½ hour cruise after which you will reach the islands. You can enjoy great scenic views of the Sultanahmet’s Seraglio Point while crossing the Southern end of the Bosphorus and also other spots around the Asian side when crossing along the Marmara Sea.

Once you arrive at one of the Princes’ Islands, you can have lunch and spend time relaxing in the yacht or explore around the places along the shore. There are many fish restaurants along the shore and you indulge in a typical island lunch in one of those restaurants, go on a horse ride to tour around the island or also take a stroll in the island village. You can also spend some quality time swimming.

After enjoying the tour to the Prince’s islands, you will be taken back to your hotels in the city center of Istanbul. The trip to Prince’s Islands will be the perfect getaway to enjoy with your families and children. It will definitely be a fun-filled experience.

The Princes’ Islands in Istanbul are a string of islands like the Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Sedef Adası or Kınalıada that are located in the Marmara Sea in Istanbul. We also provide special facilities for swimming and sunbathing for you to relax in the Prince’s Islands to spend peaceful time away from the city. We offer spacious platform for swimming and also shower in the fresh water after a swim and we serve cold beer or any beverage of your choice for your refreshment. By choosing a trip to the Prince’s Islands with us you will experience the following:

- A complete relaxing getaway from the city with the cruise tour to the Princes’ Islands
- Perfect swimming options in small bays of Istanbul that can be accessed by boat
- Enjoy a typical seafood lunch in the restaurants in the island.
- Go on a horse-carriage tour to explore the Prince’s islands.

- Excellent views of the Seraglio point that passes the popular places like Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the Haghia Sophia.
- An exciting, comfortable and painless cruise.
- Options of choosing a private yacht charter for only you and your companions.
- A warm and friendly cruise captain and crew always at your service
- Wonderful picturesque views of the islands, the city skyline and passing boats that can be captured in your cameras.

Also you can enjoy various activities during the cruise trip like:

- Relax and chill yourself under the shade with a cool beer or any drink.
- Go fishing with the fishing rod and lines that we provide.
- Swim along the bays and coves hidden in the islands.
- Relax and enjoy the breathtaking natural views
- Take a horse carriage ride to tour the islands completely.
- Feast your senses on a sumptuous island lunch
- Experience the life in the islands by taking a stroll in the village backstreets

The lunch in the island restaurants and the horse-carriage tour are not part of the itinerary of our tour to the prince’s islands. You can bring swimsuits, towels, sunglasses, hats and sunglasses if you like to go swimming and sunbathing. We operate the tour to the Prince’s islands everyday and the tourists can contact us for more information on the schedules on the different timings in a day. We also arrange boats and yacht charters depending on the size of the groups. For a small group of 12 guests, a medium sized yacht is ideal and larger yachts are arranged for group sizes more than 12 persons.