Private Yacht Charter

With our private Bosphorus tours, you can enjoy the sightseeing tour of Istanbul along both the European and Asian continents. You may book the private yacht charters for you and your companion to enjoy the tour. The private sightseeing cruise tour would take about 2 hours during the course of which you can enjoy utmost comfort and relax by viewing the peaceful surrounding travelling in the private yacht charter.

It would be a very impressive and memorable experience to view the city of Istanbul from the Bosphorus by taking our cruise tours. We provide a private yacht only for your own use so that you can soak in the atmosphere, riding along the popular sights of Bosphorus that is situated along the shores of Europe and Asia, all in your own privacy. You can also have a wonderful glance of the waterfront palaces and villas of the Sultans and their Pashas. Sit comfortably and enjoy the amazing views of the Dolmabahçe Palace, Rumeli Fortress, Çirağan Palace, the Bosphorus Bridge, including the views of the European Side as well as the Asian side of Bosphorus and a lot more.

We organize your private Bosphorus tour with everything required to enable you to enjoy the most easy tour with relaxing in private lounge. The crew members of the private yacht charters are very friendly and take care of everything to give you the best possible service while you have a wonderful sightseeing tour. The private Bosphorus tour operates daily throughout the week and is apt for couples, families and friends in groups. Hence we recommend that you book with us to enjoy our service if you are looking for the best and wonderful

Bosphorus Experience - By booking with us you will experience:

- The popular sights of the Bosphorus along both the Asian & European continents can be viewed in utmost comfort and a calm and peaceful environment which enables you to avoid the crowds in the ferry.
- A wonderful and unique cruising experience in your own privacy.
- A private yacht where only you and your companions can travel alone.
- A warm and kind natured crew and captain of the yacht at your service anytime.

- If photography is your passion then this is the best tour for you as you can capture the breathtaking views of the waterfront palaces, mosques, mansions and variety of boats sized from small to big ones.
-We also serve complimentary tea or coffee to our guests on board.

Schedule of the Cruise:

We operate the private Bosphorus tours in Istanbul everyday for duration of two hours. The timings and schedules of the tour can be obtained when you contact us.

Pick Up & Drop Off

We pick you up right from any hotel or cruise ship you stay in the city center of Istanbul and also provide round trip back to the hotels which is free if it is within the city on the European-side. We also transfer you to and from other locations like Arnavutköy, Kuruçeşme, Beşiktaş and Kabataş piers, or also from a few of the hotels in the Bosphorus with their own piers which is only for the residents of the hotels. If you are staying in any other places or residences, apartments or suites, then we ask you to come to the nearest selected hotel and pick you up from there.

Capacity of the Yacht Charters

If you are a small group of up to 12 guests, a standard sized charter is arranged, otherwise we also arrange for larger groups like families or friends of more than 12 members as we have a wide range of yachts in all sizes suitable for all needs. Send in a mail about your requirements and we will reach you.


Contact us for the price as we have amazing special offers right now. We can also assist you in arranging for a light breakfast, birthday cakes or lunch which would cost some extra charges. Contact us to know more about our special lunch and dinner cruise options.